Question: Do you have to wear Speedos in French swimming pools?

In French public pools, from the racing lanes of Paris to the open-air lidos and water parks of the south, anything bigger than Speedos is banned and you must hoist yourself into a posing pouch as a civic requirement.

Are Speedos compulsory in France?

In most of France’s public swimming pools, loose-fitting trunks are forbidden – so Speedos are the order of the day. If your togs don’t comply, you won’t be allowed in for a dip.

Why do French swimming pools insist on Speedos?

You have to wear tight fitting teeny weeny Speedo style swimming trunks to the pool in France because its more hygienic. … Apparently, those in power say, you might wear your baggy swim shorts as normal shorts. If you do they may pick up dust and dirt and suchlike.

What swimwear can you wear in France?

Men are not allowed to wear baggy swimming trunks or board shorts at most swimming pools and water parks, especially on campsites. You can wear Speedos or the slightly more flattering “Daniel Craig Speedos” and longer leg shorts if they are skin-tight.

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Do you have to wear Speedos at Eurocamp?

This is a fantastic campsite – Eurocamp have tents and vans there. It’s run by a Dutch family, and you don’t need speedos to swim. We’ve stayed there in our own tent a couple of times and can highly recommend it.

Do guys wear Speedos?

They’re Flattering. Contrary to popular belief, speedos are actually quite flattering for most guys. While you may think you need a killer six-pack and beefy glutes to rock a speedo, the swim brief cut works well on almost any body type.

From my observations say in Germany speedos are much more accepted, but swimming trunks are also in the vast majority. Most people wearing speedos at a beach will basically be serious or competitive swimmers training more or less leisurely.

Why are shorts not allowed in French swimming pools?

“Hygiene,” says Emmanuel Dormois, a head pool attendant in Paris’s 11th arrondissement. “Small, tight trunks can only be used for swimming. Bermudas or bigger swimming shorts can be worn elsewhere all day, so could bring in sand, dust or other matter, disturbing the water quality.

Why don t Olympic swimmers wear Speedos?

One advantage of the legskin over other suit styles that cover the arms is flexibility, especially for strokes that require broad arm movement. Since 2009, legskins have been banned for competition swimming by FINA since they gave an unfair advantage to swimmers who wore them; the ban includes bodysuits.

Should I wear a Speedo to the beach?

If you’re on holiday in the Mediterranean or South America, Speedos are actually considered more appropriate beach wear, and choosing trunks is deemed tacky. … In many ways, Speedos can be more comfortable. Besides not dragging you down when wet, they also don’t bunch up or rub between your thighs when walking.

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Can you wear leggings in a swimming pool?

Rule number one when picking out a pair of swim tights is to avoid fabrics that absorb water, like cotton. … “By using the same material that you would use for a swimsuit or a rash guard, the leggings essentially become water-friendly, but you can also use them outside the water for activities like hot yoga or running.”

Can you swim in France?

With nearly 3,000 miles of coastline, France has many of Europe’s finest beaches. But head inland and you stumble across a magical world of wild swimming – in lakes, rivers and gorges, as well as artificial lakes known as plans d’eau.

Are Speedos common in Europe?

No countries in europe wear speedo !!! At least on the beach, peoples wear speedo at the swimming pool, and the peoples who wear speedo are swimmer. I used to own a pair of speedo, but i used to go to the swimming pool 4 times a week.

Does eurocamp have WiFi?

WiFi coverage

While some parcs enjoy site-wide coverage, many can only offer a WiFi service in key locations such as the reception area, bars or other main facilities. In most cases, charges will apply. If in doubt, please check with our Eurocamp Reps on parc.

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