What do they call swimsuits in Australia?

A whopping 3500 Australians entered a poll led by Australian born swimwear brand Lilly & Lime, as they wanted to find out once and for all, the Aussie name for a swimsuit.

What are togs in Australia?

Australians use a variety of terms to describe their bathing attire, including ‘cossies’ (a shortened version of ‘costumes’) and ‘togs’, which Gwynn explains is an abbreviation of the 16th-Century word ‘togeman’, meaning coat.

What do Australians call rubbers?

Every Australian knows a rubber is a small stationery item used to correct pencil mistakes, and is more formally known as an eraser.

What’s another name for swimsuit?


  • bikini.
  • beachwear.
  • jams.
  • maillot.
  • swimwear.
  • thong.
  • trunks.
  • two-piece.

What does swimmers mean in Australia?

‘Cossies’ and ‘swimmers’ are both slang for swimming costume. They’re an essential piece of clothing for enjoying Australian beaches. Rashies and boardies are great for water sports.

Why do Australians say far out?

“Far Out” is said when you really can’t believe something.

What are condoms called in America?

In North America condoms are also commonly known as prophylactics, or rubbers. In Britain they may be called French letters.

Why are togs called togs?

“Togs” is short for the word “togeman”, which was 16th century criminal slang for “coat”. In the 18th century, “togs” started being used more generally as slang for clothes. In the UK, the word still just means “clothes”, but in Australia and New Zealand, it came to be used in a swimming context.

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When did Australian slang start?

One of the first dictionaries of Australian slang was Karl Lentzner’s Dictionary of the Slang-English of Australia and of Some Mixed Languages in 1892.

What does togs stand for?

TOG stands for ‘Thermal Overall Grade’. It is a measure of thermal resistance of a unit of area, also known as thermal insulance. Essentially it is a measurement that can show how much a particular fabric insulates.

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