You asked: Where are Cupshe swimsuits made?

Where is Cupshe manufactured you ask? The website branding makes you think they are a Southern California company but I’m pretty sure their swimsuits are made in China, and I think that’s where the actual HQ is as well.

Is Cupshe a Chinese company? is a Chinese fashion online shop with a focus on clothing and accessories for women. … Even though it doesn’t say explicitly on the website, the shop might have its main office now in New Jersey/USA, but it also has offices in China as well as Germany.

Is Cupshe in the United States?

Cupshe was founded in 2013 in California of the United States of America and their strive forward for the ladies all over the world that love the beach life.

What swimsuits are made in the USA?

Recap: Best Swimwear Made in the USA

  • Dippin’ Daisy’s – Affordable Women’s Swimwear.
  • Carve Designs – Women’s Surf and Active Swimwear.
  • Bikini Thief – Maternity Swimsuits.
  • Esther Williams – 50’s Pinup Swimwear.
  • Mirame Swim – Luxury Women’s Swimwear.
  • SlipIns – UV Protection.
  • Cooltan Tan Through – Tanning Swimwear.
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How long does Cupshe take to ship to the US?

Shipping Information

Shipping Methods Delivery Time Cost (based on order value)
Over $200
Expedited Shipping 8-12 Business Days FREE
Express Shipping 3-5 Business Days FREE

Is Cupshe true to size?

Cupshe Coral/Black Falbala High-Waisted Bikini

The ruffle top provided enough coverage for me but would also add some curves for someone with a smaller chest. … Also, the high-waisted two-piece suits from Cupshe tend to run true to size, blowing my whole all Cupshe bikinis run a size smaller theory.

Who is the owner of Cupshe?

Mike Zhao – Founder and CEO – | LinkedIn.

What’s the best website to buy swimsuits?

9 of the best swimsuit brands to shop for in 2021

  • Eloquii. …
  • Boden. …
  • ModCloth. …
  • Asos. …
  • Swimsuits for All. …
  • Nordstrom. …
  • Target. …
  • Tempt Me Swimwear. Offering flattering silhouettes and a wide range of sizes and styles at affordable prices, Tempt Me is an underrated pick when it comes to the swimsuit market.

Where can I buy a cute swimsuit?

Swimsuits for All has a helpful guide plus a glossary of swimsuit terms so you can find the perfect fit no matter your silhouette.

  • Shop for swimsuits at Swimsuits for All. …
  • Shop for swimsuits at ASOS. …
  • Shop for swimsuits at ZAFUL. …
  • Shop for swimsuits at Lands’ End. …
  • Shop for swimsuits at Aerie. …
  • Shop for swimsuits at SummerSalt.

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How do I start my own swimsuit line?

How To Start A Swimwear Line

  1. Naming the business. The first step is naming the business. …
  2. Designing the logo. Personally, this was one of my favorite parts of building my brands identity. …
  3. Choosing the desired target market. …
  4. Start sketching out your designs. …
  5. Finding a manufacturer. …
  6. Designing your website. …
  7. Social media. …
  8. Documents/Business Logistics.
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Is Dippin Daisy’s ethical?

Located and manufactured in Los Angeles, California, Dippin Daisy’s is an incredible, fashionable, sustainable brand that we love! … Moreover, the paper they use for their package inserts are chlorine-free and made from sustainable, raw materials.

Are Cupshe returns free?

No, Cupshe does not offer free returns & exchanges.

Can you return Cupshe?

We gladly accept unworn, unwashed items in new condition with Cupshe tags and hygiene liners still attached within 30 days of their delivery date. Please note that we don’t accept returns after the 30 day timeframe.

Is Cupshe a subscription?

An individual can sign up online for membership of the Sunchasers Club Membership Program by visiting Cupshe Online, creating a Member Account and agreeing to the Member Terms and Conditions.

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