Are you allowed to swim in Tempe Town Lake?

***Please note, swimming at Tempe Town Lake is never permitted. Tempe Town Lake is the perfect spot to experience some fun and enjoy the outdoors. It’s a bit unexpected for visitors to find a large body of water right in the heart of the city, but that’s exactly what you’ll find at Tempe Town Lake.

Is Tempe Town Lake open?

Tempe Town Lake remains open.

Fishing, boating and any activities that can be done in groups of less than 10 people are allowed as long as you are following the 6-foot physical distancing guidelines.

Is Tempe Town Lake Safe?

A large number of dead fish have floated to the top of Tempe Town Lake recently due to fluctuating temperatures and algae counts, but experts say they are likely not harmful to people who use the lake for recreation and sport.

Can you walk around Tempe Town Lake?

A scenic walk, jog, or bicycle ride is an easy pleasure at Tempe Town Lake. The 2.5-mile lake has 12-foot concrete paths on each side of the lake. The north and south shores of the lake are connected by the Mill Avenue bridges and the Rural Road Bridge.

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How deep is the water in Tempe Town Lake?

13,12 фута

Can I bring my own kayak to Tempe Town Lake?

Self-propelled boats (i.e. kayaks, canoes, outrigger canoes, dragon boats, rowing shells) should favor the perimeter of the lake. Boats operating under sail or electric power should favor the center of the lake. All public boats shall maintain a wakeless speed while on Tempe Town Lake, generally under 5 miles per hour.

What happened at Tempe Town Lake?

TEMPE, Ariz. — Just five days after a train derailed and caught fire on the Salt River bridge over Tempe Town Lake, a portion of the bridge and two rail cars came crashing down in a planned explosion Sunday morning.

How far is it around Tempe Town Lake?

225 acres

How late is Tempe Lake open?

Tempe Town Lake – Hours 5 a.m. – 12 a.m. | City Park Map | City of Tempe, AZ.

Where can I watch Tempe Town Lake fireworks?

The July Fourth Tempe Town Lake Festival and Fireworks Show is the premier Independence Day fireworks display in the Phoenix area. The Festival takes place each year at the South Bank of Tempe Town Lake from 4 to 11 PM located at Rio Salado Parkway and Mill Avenue.

Does Tempe Town Lake have a playground?

Tempe Town Lake Area – The Splash Playground.

Where do you park at Tempe Town Lake?

The closest free lot to Tempe Beach Park is at Rio Salado Parkway, just north of the Ash Avenue intersection. Parking is available in downtown Tempe, a short walk from Tempe Town Lake. Please visit for a map of downtown lots. Hayden Ferry Lakeside has 2800 covered parking spaces.

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When was Tempe Lake built?

August 8, 1997

Can you paddle board on Tempe Town Lake?

My favorite form of water adventure fun at Tempe Town Lake is stand-up paddleboarding (SUP). Down on the dock is where I received my helpful, fun, and very instructive, paddleboarding lesson from Clint, manager of Tempe Boat Rentals. …

Is Tempe Lake man made?

Tempe Town Lake is a manmade lake set in a dry riverbed in the middle of the desert.

When did Tempe Town Lake first start to fill?

After years of planning and debate, the official construction of the Lake began on August 8, 1997. The Tempe Town Lake began filling up on June 2, 1999 with water from the Central Arizona Project which is delivered to the Valley from the Colorado River through a series of various canals.

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