Can you swim at Lyme Regis?

This beach is manned by RNLI lifeguards during the peak season, so it’s the ideal place to swim and paddle. There are kiosks, takeaways, cafes, restaurants and public houses bordering this section of the beach.

What is the beach like at Lyme Regis?

The beaches in Lyme regis are a mixture of sand and pebbles. Monmouth beach is very pebbly and shelves. The Front beach is a flat, sandy beach, as is Cobb Gate. There is a Lifeboat and coastguard station.

Can you swim at Charmouth Beach?

Charmouth beach is great for the family – lots of sand especially at low tide, safe swimming, picnic areas, cafes and beach shops. Beach huts are available to hire (including the ones featured in Broadchurch) and many families come to collect the famous Charmouth Fossils.

Can you have a BBQ on Lyme Regis beach?

The public is encouraged to use the designated barbecue bins located on the seafront at Monmouth Beach, on the Cart Road in front of the amusement arcade, near the Royal Standard Inn, near the Blue Sea Café, and on the Cart Road near Cobb Gate car park.

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What shops are in Lyme Regis?

These places are best for shopping in Lyme Regis:

  • The Sanctuary Bookshop.
  • The Fossil Workshop.
  • Jurassic Gems.
  • Alice’s Bear Shop and Teddy Bear Hospital.
  • Lyme Regis Fossil Shop.

Is Lyme Regis Beach man made?

First, Lyme Regis is located on an exposed part of the shoreline, where there is no natural harbor and manmade structures are necessary to provide both a boat haven and protection from storms. The Cobb is the town’s jetty that extends into the sea, providing both harbor and defense.

Is Lyme Regis a good place to live?

LYME Regis has been included in The Sunday Times’ Best Places To Live, being placed in fifth place in the South West. … This what the The Sunday Times had to say about Lyme Regis: “With pretty Georgian streets and its ancient harbour, this is as atmospheric a coastal town as you can hope to find.

Are dogs allowed on Lyme Regis beach?

Lyme Regis

Dogs are allowed on East Cliff Beach, Church Cliff Beach and Monmouth Beach all year round. Dogs are only allowed on Town Beach from October to April, inclusive.

How far is Lyme Regis from Weymouth?

The distance between Weymouth and Lyme Regis is 22 miles. The road distance is 31.2 miles.

What time is high tide at Charmouth?

Charmouth Beach tide table for the next week

1st TIDE 2nd TIDE
10 Wed 00:22 h 0.84 m 04:32 h 1.74 m
11 Thu 01:16 h 0.67 m 05:26 h 1.96 m
12 Fri 00:13 h 0.74 m 02:01 h 0.52 m
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Why are there so many fossils in Lyme Regis?

The cliffs around Lyme Regis constantly crumble and slip into the sea, revealing fossils from the ancient Jurassic past of 180 million years ago. Take a fossil hunting walk and discover the fossilised remains of giant ichthyosaur, plesiosaur, belemnites and ammonites that can be found on the beach.

Where can I hunt fossils in Lyme Regis?

Lyme Regis itself is a beautiful town, the harbour known as the Cobb is well-known and takes centre stage as you walk along the seafront. There are four beaches, each offering something different. The two beaches suitable for fossil hunting are Monmouth Beach and East Cliff Beach.

Is Charmouth Beach Sandy?

Part of the 96-mile long Jurassic Coast, Charmouth Beach is one of the best spots on the south coast to come fossil hunting. The beach is mainly shingle, although at low tide a good expanse of sand is exposed. … The area immediately in front of the seafront car park and the Heritage Centre is known as the Central Area.

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