Can you swim in Exmouth?

Sandy Bay in Exmouth is a half-mile long privately owned beach which is sheltered and ideal for families. The beach is good for swimming and water sports, and there is a lifeguard during the summer months.

Is it safe to swim at Ningaloo Reef?

Australia’s other great reef, the Ningaloo Reef offers some of the most accessible coral reef snorkeling in Australia. … While the current can be dangerous for weaker swimmers, moderate to strong swimmers with the aid of snorkeling fins will find that there is a lot to see.

Does Exmouth have a beach?

Exmouth Beach is well celebrated for its two miles of golden sand, rare on this coast and fascinating rock pools it’s a paradise for children and adults alike. Exmouth Beach is the ideal place to try your hand at watersports – be it Kite Surfing, Kayaking, standup paddleboarding or windsurfing.

Is Exmouth or Coral Bay better?

For those looking for a total beach experience, Coral Bay wins hands down. For those wanting more to do, bushwalks, exploring the national park, nice accommodation and restaurants with a few beach activites tossed in for good measure, Exmouth is the better option.

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Does Exmouth have a sandy beach?

Just over 2 miles of golden sandy beach offering something for everyone. The beach comprises of sandy beaches for building sandcastles; rock pools for crabbing and sand dunes for playing. …

Are there great white sharks in Ningaloo Reef?

Within the Ningaloo Marine Park, there are a number of species present, but none more popular than the graceful Whale Shark. … But it the opportunity to observe the ocean’s most formidable predator, the Great White Shark, that is one of the ultimate adrenaline rushes.

Are there Box jellyfish in Exmouth?

But they may be present in the waters of northern Australia year round. This covers from Geraldton all the way around to Exmouth in Western Australia.

Is Exmouth Devon worth visiting?

Exmouth is on the Jurassic Coast, which is a World Heritage Site because of its unique fossil-rich rocks and distinctive orange cliffs. It’s great to visit all year round. If you’re not on the boat, you can also walk from Exmouth to the Devon Cliffs Park to see the cliffs up close.

Where are dogs at Exmouth beach?

As soon as 1st May comes around the exclusion zones for dogs on Exmouth beach kicks in. This means that a large stretch of the beach is now a dog free zone. Dogs are not allowed on the beach just before Orcombe Point right up to the Octagon in the west.

How far is Exmouth train station from the beach?

Train stations near Exmouth Beach in East Devon

Station Name Distance
Exmouth 13 min walk
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How many days do you need in Exmouth?

Three full days packed with fun, feasts, holiday treats, tours and a little relaxing. For those of you lucky enough to have 3 or more days in the sunshine, read on! Our guide is bound to help you fill your Itinerary with places to see and things to do while in Exmouth!

Are there crocs in Exmouth?

Crocodile numbers in Western Australia have been increasing since they became a protected species in the 1970s. They are very common in the Kimberley, to the point that a number of locals refuse to swim in waters around Broome. The creatures have also been spotted at Exmouth, halfway down the coast to Perth.

How long does it take to drive from Coral Bay to Exmouth?

Coral Bay to Exmouth (1h 40m)

Spend the day in Coral Bay, which is right on beautiful Ningaloo Reef. Snorkel, dive, swim, and enjoy some time on the beach or visit the shark nursery. When you’re done relaxing, it’s a 1.5-hour drive to Exmouth.

Is Sandy Bay a private beach?

Sandy Bay Beach is privately owned and access is gained via Littleham Village and through Devon Cliffs Holiday Park. Ample parking is available, together with a shop and tempting restaurant. There are many rockpools and secret hideaways to discover – making this the perfect spot for a full family day out.

How do I get to Exmouth from Sandy Bay?

Follow this road east out of Exmouth through the village of Littleham to the Sandy Bay caravan park. Alternatively park at Exmouth and walk the coast path east to Sandy Bay (takes 30-40 minutes) or walk along the beach at low tide.

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Where can I park at Exmouth beach?

Car parking at Exmouth Beach

On the Marine Drive, eastern end of the sea front, there are many spaces, there is a large car park just behind the cafe (corner of Marine Drive and Queens Drive) which is a pay and display car park. The western end of Exmouth beach front is busier as this is closer to Exmouth town centre.

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