Can you swim in Lums Pond?

Lums Pond Beach is located in Lums Pond State Park on the largest freshwater pond in Delaware. Swimming is not permitted and there are no lifeguards on duty. … In Delaware, recreational water is monitored by the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control.

What kind of fish are in Lums Pond?

As the largest freshwater pond in Delaware, Lums Pond is one of the best fishing spots in the state, with anglers landing crappie, bluegill, perch, pickerel, largemouth bass, and more. Striped bass is stocked periodically.

How much does it cost to get into Lums Pond?

Daily Entry Fees

Daily Entry Fees
Delaware Registered Vehicle Out-of-State Registered Vehicle
Inland Parks $4 per day $8 per day
Ocean Parks $5 per day $10 per day
Delaware Firefighter/EMT — Contact the president of your fire company or the Delaware Volunteer Firefighters Association for information and an application form. $0

Can you swim at Trap Pond?

Trap Pond is part of Trap Pond State Park in Laurel, Delaware. Visitors to the park can enjoy boating, fishing, hiking, picnicking, and many other activities. There are no lifeguards on duty and swimming is not recommended – for this reason, the beach is marked as “special status”.

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Where can I swim in Delaware?

15 Best Lakes in Delaware

  1. Silver Lake; Dover, Kent County. …
  2. Hoopes Reservoir; Newcastle County. …
  3. Trap Pond; Sussex County. …
  4. Newark Reservoir; Newark, New Castle County. …
  5. Bellevue State Park; Wilmington, New Castle County. …
  6. Lums Pond; New Castle County. …
  7. Millsboro Pond; Millsboro, Sussex County. …
  8. Lake Como; Smyrna, Kent & New Castle counties.

How deep is Lums Pond in Delaware?

On the National Register of Historic Places, the canal is 14 miles long, 450 feet wide and 35 feet deep.

What time does Lums Pond open?

Hours of Operation; Main Gate: 8 a.m.-sunset. Boat rentals available 7 days a week from Memorial Day through Labor Day and weekends in Sept. Seasonal Hours: Park office is open 8 a.m.-4 p.m., 7 days a week.

Can you rent kayaks at Lums Pond?

Lums Pond has everything you need to enjoy a relaxing day on the pond. The park rents pedal boats, rowboats, canoes, and kayaks. Visitors can rent the boats by the day or by the hour. The rental fees range from $7 an hour for a rowboat to $15 an hour for a pedal boat.

Are Delaware beaches free?

Delaware’s beach towns are open to the public, but government and public health officials warn that everyone’s help is needed to curb the spread of COVID-19.

How big is Lums Pond?

Lums Pond, the largest freshwater pond in Delaware, covering 200 acres (81 ha) in central New Castle County, was built in the early 19th century as an impoundment for the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal. The pond supplied water to fill the locks of the canal and water power for a local gristmill.

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Is Trap Pond State Park dog friendly?

IMPORTANT NOTE: Only dogs are allowed in designated “dog-friendly” cabins and cottages. … Cabins 9 & 10 at Trap Pond State Park.

What is the nicest beach in Delaware?

9 Top-Rated Beaches in Delaware

  1. Rehoboth Beach. Benches on the boardwalk, Rehoboth Beach. …
  2. Bethany Beach. Bethany Beach. …
  3. Cape Henlopen State Park. Cape Henlopen State Park. …
  4. Lewes Beach. Lewes Beach. …
  5. Dewey Beach. Dewey Beach. …
  6. Fenwick Island State Park. Fenwick Island State Park | Lee Cannon / photo modified. …
  7. Delaware Seashore State Park. …
  8. Slaughter Beach.

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Which is better Rehoboth or Dewey Beach?

rehoboth is much more sophisticated. & has a boardwalk. lovely independent shops & restaurants. dewey is known as a “party town” for college-age types, but the northern residential area (north of houston street) is much quieter, and FULL of families.

Are there bull sharks in the Delaware River?

And, the bull sharks known to swim in the Delaware River, as they do far upriver from oceans worldwide, have never been reported in an attack on any humans, although in late April and early May 1922 newspapers throughout the U.S. reported on a 12-foot shark “said to have been on the man-eating variety” that was shot …

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