You asked: How much is it to swim with sharks in the Bahamas?

After 6 people the cost is $100 per person up to 10 people. Up to 9 people. After 9 people the cost is $100 per person up to 12 people.

How much does it cost to go swimming with sharks?

Typical costs: Open-water or cage-less swims typically cost $100-$3,600, depending on the location and number of dives. Off the Isla Mujeres in Mexico, home to the large plankton-eating Whale Sharks a day swim cost about $100-$150.

Is it safe to swim with sharks in the Bahamas?

Swimming with sharks is not always dangerous, in fact, it can be a lot of fun. Nurse sharks, the bottom-dwelling sharks that live in warm, shallow waters of the Bahamas are a friendly bunch. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to get up close. … Young nurse sharks can be identified by their spots.

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How much does it cost to scuba dive in the Bahamas?

Prices for diving in Grand Bahama

PADI Courses for beginners Standard Price Online Price
Scuba Diver Theory, 3 pool dives, 2 open water dives 270 $ 254 $
Upgrade from Scuba Diver to Open Water Diver Theory, 2 pool dives, 2 open water dives 190 $ 179 $
Open Water Diver Theory, 5 pool dives, 4 open water dives, log-book 410 $ 385 $

What kind of sharks can you swim with in the Bahamas?

Sharks Of The Bahamas

  • BULL SHARKS. Bull sharks (Carcharhinus leucas) are known to live in both fresh and saltwater, preferably the shallows. …

Can you swim with great white sharks without a cage?

Great whites are one of the only species of shark you cannot swim with through commercial tour operators without a cage.

Is it safe to swim with sharks on your period?

Menstrual blood in the water could be detected by a shark, just like any urine or other bodily fluids. In fact, there is no positive evidence that menstruation is a factor in shark attacks.

Can nurse sharks kill you?

In the last few decades, there have been a total of 44 recorded, provoked nurse shark attacks on humans, though none of these has been fatal. Though these sharks are normally not aggressive, their bite is no joke, as this woman in Boca Raton discovered.

What to do if a shark is swimming towards you?

Stay calm and do not make sudden movements.

  1. Move slowly toward the shore or a boat; choose whichever is closest. Do not thrash your arms or kick or splash while you swim.
  2. Do not block the shark’s path. If you are standing between the shark and the open ocean, move away. …
  3. Do not turn your back on the shark as you move.
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Which is more dangerous great white or tiger shark?

The tiger shark is one of the shark species most likely to attack a human unprovoked, and is considered one of the most dangerous sharks in the world for that reason. … Of 111 reported tiger shark attacks, 31 were fatal. The great white shark is the only species that attacks and kills more people than the tiger shark.

Is scuba diving good in the Bahamas?

The Bahamas provide vacationers with a well-developed scuba dive infrastructure that makes the islands among the world’s top destinations for scuba diving.

How wealthy is Bahamas?

Economy of the Bahamas

GDP $12.425 billion (nominal, 2018) $12.357 billion (PPP, 2018)
GDP rank 140th (nominal) / 153rd (PPP)
GDP growth 0.4% (2016) 0.1% (2017) 1.6% (2018) 0.9% (2019e)
GDP per capita $32,997 (nominal, 2018) $32,817 (PPP, 2018)

How old do you have to be to scuba dive in the Bahamas?

You complete the course work at home and enjoy the Open Water Dive training in the Bahamas. The minimum age for Certification is 10 years old. Children 8 or 9 years old may try the Scuba Ranger program through SSI and learn to dive in confined water only.

Are there great white sharks in Bahamas?

Great White May Be Leading Scientists to a Shark Nursery, As 15-foot Predator Located Off Bahamas. A 15-foot-long great white shark has been tracked to near the Bahamas and researchers believe the female could soon reveal the site of a great white shark nursery.

What Beach has the most shark attacks?

New Smyrna Beach, Florida

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Florida has more shark attacks each year than any other area in the world, according to the International Shark Attack File (ISAF).

Is it safe to swim with tiger sharks?

ABSOLUTELY. Divers create a dangerous situation when they take their attention off a shark that is behind them.

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