Frequent question: Can I bring my own snorkel gear to CocoCay?

Snorkel beach is on the east side of the island and is straight off the cruise pier and to the left. The Snorkel Shack allows you to rent snorkel gear. If you bring your own gear you are still required to wear a snorkel vest which are available for rent.

Can you bring your own snorkel gear on Royal Caribbean?

Your own snorkel gear is fine – in fact the ship does not have any that they will rent in Labadee.

Can you snorkel at CocoCay?

Yes, there is the place for snorkel. … A lot of people will be there and a lot of people snorkel there. You also will see the lifeguard at the deep area on the platform.

Can I bring my own snorkel gear on a cruise?

Plan Your Own Snorkeling Adventure

If you are heading to the Caribbean for a vacation or are planning a cruise with a port of call near a beach, you can always buy a snorkeling mask and fins to take with you. If you aren’t swimming very far out, you can even skip the fins and just bring along a mask.

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What can I bring to CocoCay?

What should I pack in my bag to bring ashore for Perfect Day at CocoCay?

  1. SeaPass card and cash. You’ll need your SeaPass card to exit and re-board the ship. …
  2. Towels. …
  3. Sun protection. …
  4. Proper footwear. …
  5. Bug repellent.

Is food included at Coco Cay?

Most of the food at Perfect Day at Coco Cay is included in the cruise price (all food except for Captain Jack’s). One thing to remember is that the restaurants (Chill Grill and Skipper’s Grill) are only open from 11:30 – 3:00.

Can you snorkel at CocoCay for free?

CocoCay is a great place to enjoy a swim, as the water is clear and refreshing. And it doesn’t cost anything, and there’s nothing wrong with free. There’s a main swimming area, located adjacent to Snorkel Beach, but you can really swim anywhere–that includes Watersport Beach, Wanderers Beach and Barefoot Beach.

What’s free on CocoCay?

Most of the experiences at Perfect Day at CocoCay are complimentary. Some of these include Oasis Lagoon, the largest freshwater pool in the Caribbean, the shipwrecked Captain Jill’s Galleon loaded with slides and water cannons, our biggest ever Splashaway Bay aqua park yet.

Can you go to CocoCay without cruise?

Admission to CocoCay and many of the beach attractions and amenities are free with your cruise, as are snacks and drinks at various Snack Shacks around the island. However, if you want to enjoy some of the more unique experiences and thrilling rides, you will have to pay.

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What is there to do in CocoCay for free?

Free Things to Do on CocoCay

  • Play and Relax on the Beach(es)
  • Get a Picture in Front of the Ship. …
  • Play Some Basketball or Volleyball on South Beach. …
  • Grab a Drink at the Swim-Up Bar (Included with Drink Package) …
  • Get a Free Bite to Eat at the Snack Shack.
  • Play Some Outdoor Games. …
  • Swim at the Oasis Lagoon.

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Should I buy my own snorkeling gear?

I also recommend you to buy your own. If you prefer renting, just rent the fins and full face snorkel mask. A traditional mask and snorkel are light and won’t take up much space, it’s better to bring your own, avoiding using unsterilized snorkels. Hardly dislike snorkeling once people have experienced.

Do you wear a life vest while snorkeling?

Yes, it is absolutely possible to wear a life jacket while snorkeling! In fact, most commercial snorkeling experiences require you to use some form of personal flotation device or buoyancy aid.

What kind of snorkel gear should I buy?

  • Look for a snorkel, which is one of the more important pieces of snorkeling gear. The snorkel has a mouth piece and a longer curved piece that sticks out of the water and lets you breathe. …
  • Find fins that fit your feet. …
  • Pick a wetsuit if you snorkel in cold water.

Are towels provided at Coco Cay?

Are there beach chairs, towels, and umbrellas available at Perfect Day at CocoCay? … Complimentary beach towels are available onboard your ship, can be brought onto the island, and exchanged throughout the day as desired at three towel exchange stations.

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Are there lockers at Coco Cay?

Are there lockers available for rent at Perfect Day at CocoCay? Complimentary lockers are available throughout the island. You’ll also find complimentary freshwater showers, restrooms, and changing rooms available on the island.

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