Quick Answer: What’s another word for deep dive?

in-depth analysis in-depth assessment
in-depth examination in-depth investigation

What does deep dive mean?

Deep dive has recently taken on the meaning of “a thorough examination of a subject or topic.” It currently is often found when describing a piece of journalism of a certain gravity or comprehensiveness.

What is a better word for deep?

What is another word for deep?

cavernous chasmic
unlimited immensurable
buried subterranean
impenetrable incomprehensible
inestimable thorough

What is another word for dive?

What is another word for dive?

plunge plummet
jump drop
fall skydive
descend parachute
leap lunge

What is another word for in depth?

What is another word for in-depth?

comprehensive complete
detailed profound
deep painstaking
careful considered
diligent all-embracing

What is a project deep dive?

Introducing The Deep Dive Review

The Project Deep Dive Review is a broad and deep presentation & discussion involving project leaders, program management, and senior leaders. It serves to accurately convey information about a project’s plans, the progress in executing those plans, and the prognosis for success.

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What is a deep dive Ofsted?

An Ofsted deep dive is an in-depth examination of a national curriculum subject by an Ofsted inspection team. It is part of the Ofsted inspectors’ remit to monitor the 3 Is – Intent, Implementation and Impact – of the curriculum.

What’s a word for deep meaning?

profound Add to list Share. When you need a word that’s deeper than “deep,” consider profound. A philosopher is likely to make many profound pronouncements. Profundus literally means “deep” in Latin, and profound had the same meaning when it entered English in the 14th century.

What is a synonym for a deeper understanding?

Synonyms. savvy self-knowledge appreciation brainstorm hold smattering grasping discernment hindsight apprehension comprehension realisation realization insight brainwave recognition grasp knowing. Antonyms.

What is the meaning of dip?

Dip means to plunge something quickly in a liquid or to sink or go downward. A dip is a creamy mixture that chips or other foods are scooped into. Dip has many other senses as a verb and a noun. When something is dipped into a liquid, it is usually only submerged for a short time to soak up some liquid.

What is the opposite of dive?

Antonyms of DIVE

ascend, face, appear, increase, headway, go up, upturn, upswing, progress, arrive, climb, advance, soaring, progression, improvement, rise, jump, betterment, ascent, leap.

What Does Belly Flop mean?

1 : a dive (as into water or in coasting prone on a sled) in which the front of the body strikes flat against another surface. — called also belly flopper.

What does divers in the Bible mean?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Divers diseases can mean: In the King James translation of the Bible, and similar older literature, “various diseases”; compare “diverse”

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Is it in depth or in depth?

The word you want is ‘in depth. ‘ Just like the term ‘a lot,’ in depth is often mistaken to be one word—but don’t make that mistake! If you want to use the term ‘in depth’ as an adjective describing a noun, hyphenate it.

What’s the opposite of in depth?

What is the opposite of in-depth?

limited deficient
faulty imperfect
partial reduced
short circumscribed
exact individual

What is the meaning of in depth?

The definition of in depth is doing something fully, carefully or with great attention to detail. An example of an in depth look at an issue is when you research every possible argument or side to that issue.

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