What do wetsuit sizes mean?

Unlike regular clothes, a wetsuit is typically going to be sold in either a small, medium, large, or extra large (S, M, L, XL). There are two reasons for this: they can stretch quite a bit so one size will fit different people and. they are meant to fit very snugly.

How do you know what size wetsuit to get?

Sizing for Full Wetsuits and Springsuits:

  1. Height and chest are the most important measurements.
  2. Measure your chest at the widest point, with the tape gently snug.
  3. Regarding length, it’s generally OK if the suit is a little on the long side. …
  4. If in between two sizes, take the larger size.

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What does 5 4 mm mean on a wetsuit?

The 5/4/3 is a fullsuit/steamer wetsuit with 5mm neoprene around the torso, 4mm neoprene around the legs and 3mm neoprene around the arms. This is a popular choice for winter surfing in cool climates and is usually paired with a 5mm hood, glove and booties for optimum insulation and reasonable levels of flexibility.

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Which is bigger XL or L?

“L” (large), “XL” (extra large), “XXL” (extra extra large).

What size is 10 wetsuit?


Size Height (cm) Weight (kg)
10 170 – 175 59 – 68
10T 173 – 178 61 – 70
12 173 – 178 63.5 – 72.5
12T 175 – 180 68 – 77

What happens if your wetsuit is too big?

If the suit is too big, it might be easy to get into, but in the water it’s not going to function properly. All the gaps and extra material will allow more water into the suit, making your body work much harder to stay warm.

Should you size up in wetsuits?

Wetsuits fit Tight.

Keep in mind that neoprene stretches when it gets wet, and also stretches with use over time. If you’re in doubt about what size is correct or in between sizes, go with the snugger wetsuit.

What does 4 3 mean on a wetsuit?

‘. Pronounced as “four-three”, 4/3mm wetsuits means that there’s 4mm of thickness in the torso and 3mm thickness in the arms and the legs.

What does 3 2mm wetsuit mean?

The wetsuit thickness is always given in millimetres (mm). The specification is made with two numbers. 3/2 mm means, for example, that the neoprene has a thickness of 3 mm on the torso and 2 mm on the legs and arms.

What is the best wetsuit brand?

Here are the best wetsuits:

  • Best wetsuit overall: O’Neill Psycho Tech Wetsuit Line.
  • Best budget wetsuit for women: Rip Curl’s Dawn patrol Line.
  • Best budget wetsuit for men: VISSLA 7 Seas.
  • Best non-neoprene wetsuit: Patagonia wetsuits for men and women.
  • Best wetsuit for paddle sports: O’Neill O’Riginal Wetsuit Line.
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Is size 42 large or XL?

Men’s Size Charts

M 37″ – 39″ (94-99 cm) 32″ – 34″ (81-86 cm)
L 40″ – 42″ (102-107 cm) 35″ – 37″ (89-94 cm)
XL 43″ – 46″ (109-117 cm) 38″ – 41″ (97-104 cm)
XXL 47″ – 50″ (119-127 cm) 42″ – 45″ (107-114 cm)

Is 42 a XL size?

Chest size for XXL size shirt will be 52.5 inches and collar/neck size for XXL size shirt will be46 cm.

Shirt Size Converter (Letter to Number)

Letter (means) Number Neck
L Size (Large) 42 Size 42 cm
L Size (Large) 43 Size 43 cm
XL Size (Extra Large) 44 Size 44 cm

Is size 12 a XL?

What Does XL Women’s Extra Large Mean? XL means extra large and translates to women’s sizes 16 – 18.

How do you know if a wetsuit is too small?

A wetsuit needs to fit snugly: if it’s too loose it’ll allow water into the suit that’ll seriously slow you down. If it’s too tight, your swimming experience won’t be pleasant. When trying on in a shop, the suit should feel tight but not restrictive.

What size wetsuit should I get women’s?

Women’s O’Neill Wetsuit & Rashguard Size Chart

Sizes Height Weight (lbs)
6S 5’2.5″ – 5’4.5″ 105 – 120
6 5’4″ – 5’6″ 110 – 125
8S 5’3.5″ – 5’5.5″ 115 – 130
8 5’5″ – 5’7″ 120 – 135

How big is a size 12 wetsuit?

Women’s O’Neill Wetsuit Size Chart

Size Height Weight
10 5′6″-5′8″ 130-150 lbs
10T 5′7.5″-5′9.5″ 135-155 lbs
12 5′7′-5′9″ 140-160 lbs
14 5′9″-5′11″ 150-170 lbs
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