What Surf Wax does Jamie Obrien use?

“I use Sex Wax as the base,” he said. “The Banana wax on top. It makes the best beads.” Jamie O’Brien laughed off “their stupid little wax theory.” Jamie joked about a session where he saw Evan Geiselman (who’s also in on the buzz) waxing his raft and then changing blocks halfway through the waxing process.

What do surfers use wax for?

Surfboard wax (also known as surfwax) is a formulation of natural and/or synthetic wax for application to the deck of a surfboard, bodyboard, or skimboard, to keep the surfer from slipping off the board when paddling out or riding a wave. It is also used to increase grip on the paddle of a surf kayak or dragon boat.

What is Jamie O’Brien salary?

Jamie O’Brien (surfer)

Jamie O’Brien
Personal information
Years active 2001–present
Career earnings $122,400
Sponsors Buell wetsuits, Red Bull, GoPro, Tokoro, Catch Surf, Nectar, Tools, Vestal, Cariuma

What wax do pro surfers use?

Pro surfers rave about Fu Wax’s incredible traction. Unlike other waxes, this one only gets better as you surf. Fu Wax comes in cold, cool, warm, tropical, and Cool Water of Summer options, meaning that you have the perfect wax available—no matter when or where you choose to go surfing!

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What boards does Jamie Obrien use?

He’s got his own model foam board by Catchsurf. And now his neoprene game is strong! He’ll be warm in the water, All Day Long! Jamie O’Brien always true to his roots.

Why do surfers wax the top of their feet?

Surfers who have to do a bit of stone walking to get out into the lineup tend to wax the top of their feet in addition to the top of their boards. … Surfers are waxing the tops of their feet, so they can store some extra traction for when they finally make it out to the lineup.

Should you wax a skimboard?

Snowboarders often put wax on the bottom of their boards to help protect it and give it a faster, smoother ride. … Wax is used on a skimboard for just the opposite reason. It’s to stop your feet from sliding around on the board. Surfboard wax is applied to the top of the skimboard to make it sticky.

When did Jamie O’Brien start surfing?

“When I was younger, it was scary and intimidating living right by Pipeline,” O’Brien says. “But it was still something I’d go to school and brag to my friends about.” He started competing in local surf contests when he was about six years old and carried on into his early 20s.

Who is the richest surfer?

The Richest Surfers in the World

  • Kelly Slater – $22 Million net worth. You recognize his name as the most famous in surfing. …
  • Laird Hamilton – $10 Million net worth. …
  • John John Florence — $5 Million per year. …
  • Dane Reynolds — $3.9 Million per year. …
  • Joel Parkinson — $3 Million per year. …
  • Mick Fanning — $2.9 Million per year.
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What is Poopies real name?

So, what is your actual name, Poops, and where did you come from? My real name is Sean and I’m originally from Carlsbad, California.

Does Surf Wax expire?

Surfboard wax in bar form does not expire, however once applied to your surfboard wax “expires”. Eventually, it will become a smooth grey blob on top of your board that needs to be changed. It’s not as grippy as it once was and looks like small grey boogers.

Should I wax a foam surfboard?

The answer is YES. Surf brands have experimented with applying grippier top layers to foam boards but we’re not quite there yet. Most soft top boards appear rubbery but when wet they get slippery. A layer of wax will add extra grip to your soft top board.

How often should I wax my surfboard?

You can and often should top up your board every time you surf. But, depending on the temperature of the water you surf in, you should fully clean and re-wax your board every 2-3 months, or 4-6 times per year. Adding wax to your surfboard provides grip.

Who owns catch surf?

Jamie embodies the spirit of Catch Surf and we are proud to partner with him to present our style to surfers and fashion conscience fans worldwide!” says George Arzente, Catch Surf’s founder and president.

What is Jamie O’Brien worth?

Therefore, professional surfer Jamie O’Brien has an estimated net worth of $0.7 million.

How old is Jamie Obrien?

37 years (June 9, 1983)

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