Where are Tartan Yachts built?

Tartan Marine (also called Tartan Yachts) is an American boat builder based in Fairport Harbor, Ohio on Lake Erie. The company specializes in the design and manufacture of fiberglass sailboats.

Is Tartan yachts still in business?

The Tartan-Legacy manufacturing operation is being moved to a new 52,000-square-foot facility in Painesville, Ohio, about five miles from its current location. … And the long-term lease at the new facility assures Tartan and Legacy brands will continue to be built in the heartland of America for a long time to come.

Are Tartan sailboats any good?

When reaching, as would be predicted, this boat excels. Prices of used Tartan 37s put them in the moderate price range, but generally they are very good values. Quality construction, excellent reputation and loyal owners tend to maintain their value, and demand for well-maintained used boats is generally high.

Where are Catalina Yachts built?

Catalina Yachts today

The ocean-going Catalina 50 was the largest design, but has been discontinued and replaced by the 470. Today, all Catalina sailboats are produced out of its Largo, FL, manufacturing facility, an 18-acre site where the entire manufacturing process takes place.

Where are outbound yachts built?

The vessel is built in Mainland China by Hanshen Yacht Building Company, also a builder for Passport Yachts, another quality boat builder. The Outbound and Passport are proof that quality boats can indeed be successfully built in mainland China.

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How much does a Catalina 315 cost?

Catalina 315 continues moving the Catalina brand to a higher level of performance, finish and engineering achievement.

Boat Details.

Make Catalina
Model 315
Year 2021
Condition New
Price US$163,775

How much does a Catalina 445 cost?

Fitted out in the fashion of hull number one, the new 445 carries a price tag of about $315,000; the base price is about $30,000 less for a boat delivered to the East Coast.

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