You asked: How do I fix a hole in my wetsuit?

Can you patch neoprene?

Say Goodbye to Neoprene Rips with an Iron-On Patch

When you’ve got a rip, tear, or an unraveling seam on your wetsuit in high-stress areas like the knees, elbows, underarm, and around the zipper, give it a strong and flexible repair using an iron-on neoprene patch.

Does Super Glue Work on neoprene?

For what it’s wort I use regular thin cyanoacrylate (super glue) to stick neoprene to various materials where joint flexibility isn’t an issue, like this magnetic mahogany stick: Sets super fast, sticks like crazy.

How do you use black witch glue?

Using a stirring stick or blunt item (as pictured), add a sparing amount to the stick and apply a thin layer on both side of the hole. Allow the glue to dry completely. 3. Add another layer of the glue to the damaged area, and allow to dry until slightly tacky/ sticky.

How do you fix a torn neoprene?

Here’s what you should do:

  1. Apply the neoprene cement to both sides of the seam;
  2. Add the first coat and wait 5 minutes;
  3. Add a second coat and wait 10 minutes;
  4. Press both sides firmly together;
  5. Thread the floss through the needle;
  6. Carefully sew the damaged area.
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How do I fix my neoprene wetsuit?

How to Repair Wetsuit Tears and Rips

  1. Before repairing your wetsuit make sure that it is clean and dry.
  2. Turn your wetsuit inside out.
  3. Clean the area around the rip with alcohol. …
  4. Open up the rip to reveal both sides of the tear.
  5. Apply a first coat of the adhesive to both surfaces.

What is the best glue for neoprene?

3M™ Neoprene High Performance Rubber and Gasket Adhesive 1300 is a versatile, solvent based adhesive. It offers high immediate strength and good heat resistance, and is commonly used for bonding most rubber and gasket materials.

Can you use superglue on a wetsuit?

No, you need rubber glue and a patch. … Idk about super glue but it is water proof. I would get some material from an old wetsuit or gloves/booties and attach It to the hole using a sealant that’s waterproof.

How do you glue neoprene to plastic?

Try ordinary rubber cement, Pliobond is the most common brand. The solvents in Pliobond will soften some plastics but that might possibly improve the adhesion of the neoprene. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS on the package to get a good bond. Somewhat similar are automotive glues used to attach door and window gaskets.

What is the best wetsuit repair glue?

You can make an easy repair using glue called contact cement specifically made for neoprene wetsuits, and your triathlon wetsuit will be good as new

  • BEST: AquaSeal + Neo Neoprene Contact Cement ($7)
  • BETTER: O’Neill Wetsuit Neoprene Cement ($20)
  • GOOD: Stormsure Neoprene Queen Wetsuit Repair Glue ($10)
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What will stick to neoprene?

Try Barge cement, get the yellow tube not the blue. works great on neoprene. it is contact cement, rough up the surface, put a thin coat on both surfaces, let it dry, then put it together.

Can you use contact cement on neoprene?

For some surfaces, contact cement is the only effective bonding material. Contact cement, or contact adhesive, is a neoprene rubber adhesive that creates a fast, flexible, permanent bond. … Contact cement works best on plastics, veneers, rubber, glass, metal and leather.

How long does black witch take to dry?

QUICK DRYING – the product can completely dry in as little as two hours, meaning you can spot a hole the night before or the morning of a race, and be in the water by competition time.

How long does wetsuit glue take to dry?

Get a tube of black neoprene wetsuit glue online or at your local surf shop. Open up the cut and apply a layer of glue on both sides of the neoprene, leave it to dry for about 10 minutes (unless indicated differently by the glue manufacturer) until the glue becomes tacky.

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